BespOAK Events

Catering Manager Paul and Head Chef Sam decided that 2018 had to be a year of creativity, events and experimentation

Below are a few of the highlights – look out for more events in 2019!




The creative talents of Catering Manager Paul Adams and Head Chef Sam P bought about a culinary adventure encapsulated in a thrilling selection of interactive dishes on an unique specials list.

Alongside the delectable delights of seasonal foods our guest Flair BarTenders dazzled and amazed with their juggling, manipulation & performance magic creating cocktails like no other!

There was no silver pressed onto the palm of our guest tarot reader but she did indulge the flair goers with future predictions of happy times….  

It was a guaranteed night to remember and with a few other oohs’ and ahhs’ thrown in as our guests donned their gladdest rags and joined us for a night of foodie circus and theatre! The best was left til last with a dessert for four to share served upon a golden mirror, a golden egg was then held aloft and as it dropped and cracked against the looking glass, out tumbled luxury homemade petit four and Eton mess…

the prequel to Flair was…


Sam’s travels across India, Thailand and Vietnam have introduced her to incredible flavours and subtle spicy nuances. She first encountered  authentic Asian cuisine on a three day stopover to Australia… she loved it so much she’s spent the past five Januaries heading back and creating her own spice trail. When you combine that with Paul’s creativity and love of the avant garde the alchemy of their cooking skill becomes pure magic…


the Asiana experience proved to be a night full of steaming bamboo surprises, make your own chilli sauce, nimble finger and dextrous hand exercise for origami making sessions, pick n mix takeaway boxes, hot stone cooking, sweet fortune telling and amazing flavour concoctions and colours…


Add to that the venue look liked a theatre set after it had been decorated by Two Ginger promotions who raided the garden for huge bamboo stems (suprised they didnt suggest a panda to munch through it all…)

two hundered origami flying cranes were hanging in cascades from the light fttings and minature ones added finishing touches to the place settings

the background tunes were all Buddha Bar and Nitin Swhaney influenced and the music was so well recieved we’ve added it to our regular playlists!



If you’d like us to create you your very own celebratory BespOAK event – give our team a call on 01690 710219

hot n sour

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