Pop Up Events

Catering Manager Paul Adams and Head Chef Sam Plester have decided that 2018 is..

Pop-Up Year

They’re developing some exciting menus (not that we need an excuse for taste testing Sam’s culinary skills but this is an awesomely fun project…) whilst adding in some theatre and unusual ingredients to the mix…

It all kicks off on the 11th May when our first pop-up takes place in the Llugwy River Restaurant with




Sam’s travels across India, Thailand and Vietnam have introduced her to incredible flavours and subtle spicy nuances. She first encountered   authentic Asian cuisine on a three day stopover to Australia… she loved it so much she’s spent the past five Januaries heading back and creating her own spice trail…

The Cocktail bar team are teaming up some great wines and spirits to sample alongside Sam’s menu – we reckon they have to involve a Pink Gin Sling in there somewhere!

Check back soon for the menu and booking details but all we have to say is if the tasting is anything to go by then this is going to be a spice mix to remember 



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