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By Xanax 2Mg Online | Comments Off on Fortune favours and Asian flavours

Our first BespOak event!

Combining the skills of catering manager Paul Adams and Head Chef Sam Plester and their two passions-  travel and food we bring you our first Pop Up event on the 11th May 2018…


Sam’s travels across Vietnam, India, Cambodia and Thailand have introduced her to new flavours and subtle spicy nuances. She first encountered street food in Bangkok on a stopover enroute to Australia. So enamoured with new ingredients and ways of cooking she’s spent the past five Januaries heading back out to Asia and creating her own spice trail…   Combine that with Paul’s love of the avant garde and they’ve developed an eight course street food tasting menu with a dash of theatre thrown in…

Spaces are pre-book only for this experiential dining experience – with a guaranteed combination of the expected and unexpected – just as you would find on any night street food stall ….. no live crickets and deep fried scorpions… but bring your taste buds and nimble fingers

To book your tickets call us on 01690 710 219

asiana event

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