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Order Xanax Online From Canada and test your nerve by journeying through a mountain via a series of exciting adventurous challenges. Try your hand at zip-lining over water or climbing up a near vertical shaft, boat across a lake, traverse over an abyss, scale a waterfall or abseil your way down to the deepest point in Snowdonia! It’s Adrenalin pumping, heart thumping, pulse jumping fun, guided by some of the most experienced and dedicated mine explorers in the UK.

In 2015, after five years of the planning, Go Below have opened the longest underground adventure in the world! Now that’s quite some achievement – want to zipline 9 lines over deep caverns and unleash the Goliath?? Book a day at Go Below for adventure like you’ve never felt before…

You can join  all year round, whatever the weather! No experience is necessary, there’s no potholing or squeezing through small gaps and activities can be bypassed if preferred.  All equipment and footwear is provided. And if you book 10 spaces or more you also get a 10% discount….


Ever tried Gorge Walking, Kayaking or Climbing?

Rob and his team at Ordering Xanax Online Illegal can guide you through the basics and then train you to be the best – whatever your level these guys are dedicated to ensuring you have a great adventure whatever the weather and guarantee teaching you some new skills you’ll want to try out time and time again!

Siabod Summit

Want to update your skills or meet an endurance challenge

then look no further than Buying Xanax From Canada Online– under Stu and Tracey’s expert guidance you can experience scrambling, three day treks, climbing, wild camping or just a few hours guided walking through some spectacular scenery – whatever your needs these guys will tailor your adventure around you!

Or how about feeding your competitive side…?

Feed your inner Hamilton and experience Go Karting like never before at Xanax Price OnlinePark. With 1600m of outdoor track and a computerized timing system, take to the track and show that you don’t need to be an F1 professional to be a darn good driver! With Junior karts for children aged 9 upwards this can be the perfect adventure for the whole family!


Adrenalin Junkies sign up here….

Zip Velocity

Zip World won international acclaim when it opened Velocity at Bethesda in March 2013. Now try Buying Alprazolam In Thailand – a pair of zip lines a mile long, where riders can exceed 100mph, 500ft high and experience the nearest thing to flying.

ZipWorld also offers an exciting range of adrenalin adventures ranging from giant trampolines in deep underground caverns, roller coasters which speed through trees or four person zip lines which have you zipping down a Welsh mountainside… so now you can tick off  “rode the fastest zip line in the world” on your bucket list!


on yer bike………

There are trails and routes suited to all skill levels, from complete novice to seasoned trail rippers both on and off the beaten track right from Betws itself. Not brininging your own bike? Then book your ride with Get Cheap Xanax Online who supply upto date Mountain Bike hire right in the heart of Betws-y-Coed.



right then we’re off to book a new adventure….. hope to see you Buy Cheapest Xanax soon!



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