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By Xanax 2Mg Online | Comments Off on Festive Lunches

Festive Lunches 

Buy Xanax India Online, Cheap Xanax Bars For Sale

Xanax Legally Online Order

Oh and if you’re here at the weekends in December don’t forget Santa will be in his Grotto and gathering Christmas Wish Lists

To see ours Buy Generic Xanax Online Cheap!






Xanax Uk Paypal

By Xanax 2Mg Online | Comments Off on 12th October 2018 – Flair

Our next BespOAK event is a popup entitled


The creative talents of Catering Manager Paul Adams and Head Chef SamP bring you Flair – our next culinary adventure encapsulated in a thrilling selection of interactive dishes on our specials list


Alongside the delectable delights of seasonal foods let our guest Flair BarTenders dazzle and amaze you with their juggling, manipulation & performance magic- seasoned professionals with thousands of hours of practiced dedication gives them superskills like no other!

flair mixology

Guaranteed to be a night to remember with a few other oohs’ and ahhs’ thrown in. So don your gladdest rags and join us for a night of foodie circus and theatre at the Llugwy River Restaurant – the glammest venue in town!

you got flair

  • 12th October @ 7.00pm
  • call us on 01690 710219 to book your space!

Buy Cheap Alprazolam

By Xanax 2Mg Online | Comments Off on Chocoholic Easter Dreaming….

In time for Easter Sous Chef Nathan has let us in on one of his favourite recipes!                                                          (and also one of the most popular!)

Here’s a recipe that makes 6 of them – so that’s one for each of the family including granny…



250g salted butter

6 free range eggs

6 free range egg yolks

130g castor sugar

260g dark 70% min chocolate

50g sifted plain flour

6 greased ramekins – grease with butter and cocoa


Melt butter in pan

cream 6 eggs and the sugar together until they form soft peaks

gently melt chocolate over hot water bain-marie – don’t let it bubble or boil as this will change the texture and make it grainy

add egg yolks to melted chocolate and stir together

fold in chocolate, butter and plain flour into egg & sugar mixture – use a figure of 8 method – do not beat as all the air will get knocked out and you’ll have a flat fondant!

spoon into moulds – only 3/4 fill to allow room to rise

Place in oven for 7 min at 160°C fan or Gas mark 4

Tip out of mould whilst hot and serve immediately


For the Sauce;

300 ml double cream

150g white chocolate

25g castor sugar

1 vanilla pod


warm cream and vanilla pod to room temperature

Remove vanilla pod, add half white chocolate to warm cream, return to low heat (at this point drop in your favourite chocolate easter egg) ad in remaining white chocolate & sugar until smooth & melted

Pour over fondant, get a spoon and dig in….


easter chocolate





Alprazolam 1Mg Buy Online

By Xanax 2Mg Online | Comments Off on Celebratory March Menus

Special Menus – from St Davids Day to Mothering Sunday book your table                                                                 for a lunch time feast on either celebratory day!


Celebrate the arrival of Spring with a feast to St David – Paul & Sam have devised a deliciously seasonal and classic Welsh menu to honour our patron saint

Mothers Day Lunch Menu is served in both the Llugwy River Restaurant & the Grill Room.

Mum will be spoilt for choice with this menu – especially if you treat her to a large G&T alongside her lunch, from our fabulous range in the cocktail bar (our fave at the moment comes with a rhubarb mix your own tonic…blissful!)

Ordering Xanax Online Reviews

By Xanax 2Mg Online | Comments Off on Wild Horses and their Stables…

So after an absence of a year and much feedback from the powers that be (you guys) the Stables Lodge is back!

All the industry research in 2016 pointed to the fact that guests wanted more hotel facilities with their rooms, more room service, more leisure options, more enhanced room features so we set to task upgrading our room packages, adding in service levels and bringing the lodge rooms into the main hotel portfolio …..

and then what happened was you guys told us you it wasn’t more room facility you wanted but more choice – and you missed the flexibility of our room only rate!


So by popular demand The Stables Lodge has been re-born (just struck us that lots of great stories come from something being born in a stable..)

Anyway we digress….


so from today you can now book your favourite Room Only rate in the Lodge – no add on’s (unless you want an advance purchase breakfast) other wise it’s a lovely cosy bedroom with comfy beds, a modern bathroom with lots of piping hot water and fluffy towels,  drying & storage room for all your outdoor kit , bike wash, free parking, some local retail discounts and a lift.

Oh and for those of you who did want enhanced room features we listened to you too so at the Royal Oak you can now book a four poster room with a slipper bath feature…..

Something for everyone…. it really is all here!


Alprazolam Online Canada

By Xanax 2Mg Online | Comments Off on Wales in Love

Buy Xanax India Online, Cheap Xanax Bars For Sale

Love is in the air…… If you’re in Wales on 25 January, then St Dwynwen’s Day, is the date we honour our Welsh patron saint of lovers. It’s our very own version of St Valentine’s Day – we’re celebrating both days here at the Oak (being such old romantics we can’t help it…)

So who was St Dwynwen we hear you ask….

She was a 4th-century Welsh princess,the most beautiful of King Brychan Frycheiniog’s 24 daughters but who was so unlucky in love she became a nun….

Dwynwen fell in love with a prince called Maelon Dafodrill, but unfortunately her father had already arranged that she should marry someone else.

Dwynwen was so upset that she could not marry Maelon that she begged God to make her forget him. After falling asleep, Dwynwen was visited by an angel, who appeared carrying a sweet potion designed to erase all memory of Maelon and turn him into a block of ice.

God then gave three wishes to Dwynwen. Her first wish was that Maelon be thawed; her second that God meet the hopes and dreams of true lovers; and third, that she should never marry. All three were fulfilled, and as a mark of her thanks, Dwynwen devoted herself to God’s service for the rest of her life.

She set up a convent on Llanddwyn Island, a stunning spot on Anglesey, and a great afternoon out from Betws, as long as you get the tides right!

what to do on St Dwynwen’s Day…


Why not take a romantic walk by the River Llugwy, start at the Pont-y-Pair Bridge and follow the boardwalk up into the woodland all the way to the Miners Bridge.

Treat your loved one to a piece of Clogau Welsh Gold jewellery from Anna Davies. Welsh gold is famous for being selected to create generations of Royal Family wedding rings including those of Her Majesty The Queen, and most recently, The Duchess of Cambridge.

Sample some warming Welsh spirits with your loved one, from Penderyn Whisky to Foragers Gin, we stock a huge range of Welsh tipples for you to cwtch up with after a brisk January walk…

Indulge in one of our Sharing Platters – especially made for two, served in the Grill Room and the Llugwy River Restaurant and includes a surf n turf of butter fried king prawns, cracked crab claws and rib eye steak… #droolingalready

Book an Adrenalin Adventure with Ordering Xanax From Mexico and explore deep underground, nothing like being tied on a wire in the dark to bond you to your loved one even more….


Whatever you chose to do we hope you enjoy the most romantic date on the Welsh calendar and that the only ice you encounter on Dydd Santes Dwynwen’s is in your favourite tipple!

beach love

Buy Liquid Xanax Online

By Xanax 2Mg Online | Comments Off on Paul’s Festive Treat

Festivites galore – Our Catering Manager, Paul, has just made us taste test the most Christmassy of treats

(it’s a hard job but someone’s got to do it)…


we just had to share it with you…… it uses ingredients you’re bound to have in the cupboard at this time of year, including chocolate and mince pies, and it gives a festive twist to a classic pud!

Merry Christmas!



Argentina Xanax Online

By Xanax 2Mg Online | Comments Off on Party Season News

with Autumn now fully upon us and the Betws landscape looking like a riot of orange and yellow hues we thought we’d get a season ahead and bring you a bit of news to make your Christmas sparkle ….

the alpine Hut is back in November at Y Stablau and they’re letting us book it out for your Christmas parties… so if you want an exclusive venue for your seasonal shindig give us a call on the usual number….. #hutparty





Xanax Visa

By Xanax 2Mg Online | Comments Off on Year of the Legend 2017

Following Visit Wales’ The Year of Adventure in 2016 and the success of all those great adrenalin giving activites North Wales is becoming renowned for, 2017 is designated to be ‘The Year of Legends’ so we thought we’d write our very own favourite legend list all within a half hour of Betws-y-Coed…

Our Local Legends List…

Llewelyn the Great 
You might know the 12th and 13th century lands of North Wales from their immortalisation in the much-loved Princes of Gwynedd stories. Following in their footsteps is easy and evocative, the ruined castle of Dolwyddelan was once the fortification of Llywelyn the Great, this isolated sentinel is only a short walk uphill from the car park on the A470 and the views encompass Siabod, the Moelwyns, the Lledr Valley and the Gwydir Forest.



Caernarfon Castle 

A brute of a fortress. Caernarfon Castle’s pumped-up appearance is unashamedly muscle-bound and intimidating. Picking a fight with this massive structure would have been a daunting prospect. By throwing his weight around in stone, King Edward I created what is surely one of the most impressive of Wales’s castles. Most castles are happy with round towers, not Caernarfon! Polygonal towers were the order of the day, with the Eagle Tower being the most impressive of these. The site of this great castle wasn’t chosen by accident. It had previously been the location of a Norman motte and bailey castle and before that a Roman fort stood nearby. The lure of water and easy access to the sea made the banks of the River Seiont an ideal spot for Edward’s monster in masonry….. now a designated World Heritage site this is one monster legend that stands the test of time




A short walk south of the village, following the footpath down towards the Aberglaslyn Pass leads to ‘Gelert’s Grave’. According to legend, the stone monument in the field marks the resting place of ‘Gelert’, the faithful hound of the medieval Welsh Prince Llewelyn the Great. The story, as written on the tombstone reads:

“In the 13th century Llewelyn, prince of North Wales, had a palace at Beddgelert. One day he went hunting without Gelert, ‘The Faithful Hound’, who was unaccountably absent. On Llewelyn’s return the truant, stained and smeared with blood, joyfully sprang to meet his master. The prince alarmed hastened to find his son, and saw the infant’s cot empty, the bedclothes and floor covered with blood. The frantic father plunged his sword into the hound’s side, thinking it had killed his heir. The dog’s dying yell was answered by a child’s cry. Llewelyn searched and discovered his boy unharmed, but nearby lay the body of a mighty wolf which Gelert had slain. The prince filled with remorse is said never to have smiled again. He buried Gelert here”.

Legend or local tall tale… whichever it is the walk down the Aberglaslyn Pass will have you spellbound with it’s beauty!


King Arthur

The lakes of Llydaw, Dinas and Ogwen, are those that claim to contain the magical Excalibur of King Arthur and on a rock near Betws y Coed there is claimed to be a hoof print of Arthur’s horse Llamrai. Legend has it the mark was made when Arthur and his horse dragged a monster from the lake’s deep waters. To back this up a waterdragon legend exists of the Gwibernant. A ‘gwiber’ in todays Welsh means viper or adder. But a long time ago a ‘gwiber’ was something quite different – a huge snake that could fly. The local gwiber was unique in that it was the only one in Wales that could live on land and under water. This monster was therefore especially dangerous and would devour the local livestock and killed those who tried to get rid of it. Beware when walking around those lakes and only the brave (or foolhardy) will take off their shoes for a paddle….



Buy Yellow Xanax Bars

By Xanax 2Mg Online | Comments Off on Snowdonia Giving/ Rhodd Eryri


With the glorious Snowdonia Park right on our doorstep we are very aware of the draw of such a stunning environment that we are lucky enough to work and play in! The region is really showing itself off, with increasing numbers of visitors every year, which means in order to maintain the wonderous nature of the National Park it’s going to need a helping hand.

It is important to be aware of just how much Snowdonia gives to us, and to be given the opportunity to support we jumped at the chance! We have joined the Snowdonia Giving Scheme which means that we can help in raising funds towards projects that protect Snowdonia’s heart.

If you would like to donate, come and see us at Reception, for further reading about the scheme and to donate online you can do so here: Can You Buy Xanax Over The Counter In Mexico


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