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Xanax Bars Paypal

By Xanax 2Mg Online | Comments Off on 12th October 2018 – Flair

Xanax Online Italia, Xanax Online Reddit


The creative talents of Catering Manager Paul Adams and Head Chef SamP bring you Flair – our next culinary adventure encapsulated in a thrilling selection of interactive dishes on our specials list


Alongside the delectable delights of seasonal foods let our guest Flair BarTenders dazzle and amaze you with their juggling, manipulation & performance magic- seasoned professionals with thousands of hours of practiced dedication gives them superskills like no other!

flair mixology

Guaranteed to be a night to remember with a few other oohs’ and ahhs’ thrown in. So don your gladdest rags and join us for a night of foodie circus and theatre at the Llugwy River Restaurant – the glammest venue in town!

you got flair

  • 12th October @ 7.00pm
  • call us on 01690 710219 to book your space!
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Tags: Xanax Uk Paypal

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