Green Policy

At the Royal Oak Hotel we are committed to continuous improvement of our environmental strategy.


As part of our awareness policy for the past ten years instead of sending Christmas cards by post, which involves paper & printing, we email our Christmas wishes to our mailing list & donate the saved cost to our favoured charity, Plan UK.

Founded nearly 70 years ago, Plan is one of the largest child-centered community development organisations in the world. The scope of Plan’s activities is far-reaching. Their work affects the daily lives of countless ordinary people, from the children, the parents and the villages they help, to the supporters who give their contribution. Visit them at

Recycling on site

We have a Re-cycling Centre with units supplied by Conwy Borough Council for Glass and Paper and Cardboard Recycling, situated in the rear car park – please come & make use of this facility.

Linen Policy

We have a guest reuse scheme in all our bedrooms. If guests want fresh towels daily they can put them in the bath – if not leave them on the towel rail – simple!


We try and source all our ingredients from companies within a twenty mile radius. This not only cuts down on our carbon footprint, it also ensures that our guests get the freshest local ingredients on the market – we have found some amazing small traders this way and can work with them to ensure their small-holdings and farms have an economically stable future. Look out for the featured farms on the blackboards in the restaurant.


We have ensured that all refurbished areas are fitted with compact fluorescent low energy lighting, all new toilets are low-flow and use half as much water to flush as standard toilets, and our building materials from the wood on the floor to the slate bar tops are all locally sourced.

Big Hanna Composting Project

In 2014 we were invited to apply for the Rural Conwy Hotel Composting Pilot Project. We were chosen over a number of hotels to host the project that initially ran until November 2014. It was such a success that we’ve developed the food waste scheme even further!  We calculated that 70% of the waste we generate on site is from food, mostly from the plate after service. With the moisture content the weight is considerable in terms of what we are charged to send to landfill. Increasing use of composting equipment of this kind will reduce the amount of waste being transported on the area’s roads, cut disposal costs and provide more soil-improving additive for our gardens

In the short term our aim is to reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill and as a business benefit from waste costs. Our long-term aim is to use the food waste we place in the  composter to grow our own produce. We believe that by introducing our home grown produce to the menu it will provide a unique selling point that our customers will truly appreciate and enjoy.

Think Globally – Act Locally

This was the message we all first encountered on our TV screens and here at the Oak it is now the way we think about what we do everyday with every action we take.

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